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From:"almyra ordinario-neri" <>

Dear Manong Nestor,
First of all, I want to introduce myself to you.I'm Almyra Ordinario of
Malasin Dupax Del Norte .I'm the youngest daughter of the late Mr Alfredo
Ordinario of Malasin. I'm settled here in Calgary,Alberta with my family ,my
mom and my sister.My dad used to be the "datu" of the Ilonggots
tribe and they named him "Tapdeg Gumiad" hence the name of
"New Gumiad" one of the barrios of Dupax Del Norte.He was also a
municipal councilor in our town for quite sometime.I just got my PC and just
hooked up my internet and during my free time,I surf the net.I came to your
page and as I saw your name,I remembered about the Palugod's in Ineangan,of
course a very familiar and famous people.When I asked my mom about it,she
said she knows you.Well,hats off ako sa iyo Manong.This is a job well done.

God Bless you.

Toy Kailiam,Myra Ordinario
Subject:Prodigal dauther of Nueva Vizcaya
I'm a bit homesick today that's why when I finish work I turn on my computer
and brows the net. I have a look on the Philippine news and try to search
Nueva Vizcaya, now I know that we are not behind in Nueva Vizcaya. Anyway, I would like to
introduce myself. My name is Phoebe Mirar Fraser. I came from Lamo Dupax del
Norte Nueva Vizcaya. You might not know me but I'm related to Dr. Wilfred
Rumbaua, he's my first cousin and I have one brother in Lamo. My husband and
I resides at Brisbane Australia.

Have to go and do my house work please give my regards to all Vizcayano.

Phoebe Mirar Fraser
Subj: Hello! from one of your kababayan

Just want to know that am elated to learn that someone from my town is in the Internet!!!
I am Ben Parucha from Malasin.  Please keep in touch  !

From: "McKinley"
Subj:  Nueva Vizcaya website

Hi!  My name is Noreen Mckinley.  My maiden name is Noreen Babaran.  My mom is from Dupax del Sur (Nerissa Guiab-her maiden name).  I was browsing through the net to find out about Nueva Vizcaya since we are going to visit our country on January after a long span of time of staying here in US.  I don't know if I can be of any help to this website but if you need any help... I will gladly extend any help that I can give.

Kumusta ta ka dita apong. Napintas diay
istoriam may gapo diay nadayaw nga
Probinsiya tayo nga New Biscyne...

 From: LATARP (

Hi !!! How are you? Kumosta ayu?

It has been a long time and I am very
happy to hear from you. Now

I remember almost everybody. How is
your mother doing? I-kumosta na y Ina
Renata na? Give her my regards. Also
to your brothers and sisters. I
remember Elenita, and Nene. I also
remember you Nestor as the one who
went to the US Navy, and yes, I remember
now when you and Ina Renata came to
visit my father. And of course I remember
you Toto.

Believe me - I am overwhelmed with
nostalgia. Dupax, Malasin,Ineangan, Mabasa
- all of them are very much in my mind. I remember my
childhood there;the elementary school, St. Mary's High
School and of course SNVI. I
remember my high school teacher Mr. Parucha
who originally taught at SNVI, then at
St.Mary's. I hope to go back home for a
visit for a few days sometime in the

My sister (Sr. Emilia) is here onvacation. She is with St.
Joseph's College, Espana, Quezon
City. I don't know if you remember my
brothers - Asterio is here too, in Fords,
NJ - a ComputerProgrammer/Consultant; Jose is in LA -
he used to be the LAN Administrator
for the American Red Cross and he is
now with Los Angeles County. Robert
is also here, also at Fords and is in Data
Center Support and Operations at
Merrill Lynch & Company in New
York. My elder brother, our junior, and
youngest sister Corazon are still in the
Philippines. My mother is staying
with my brother Robert.

By the way, Nestor, I commute weekly
to New York, when I want towork in New York.
I park at the PATH station, Journal Square and take the
PATH train across the river. One of
these days I might bump into you.Maybe
we already did bump into each other
but somehow we may not haverecognized one
another because of the length of time
since the last that we met. I also
teach two nights at the Chubb
Institute, Journal Square. I might visit you
in your office one day.

How about you Toto. Tell me also how
you have been. If I recall correctly, you said you work in DC.
That's a nice place to work. That's
where the power brokers are. One of
these days I might visit Washington
DC,maybe for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

I remember my father and how he has
been very close to Tata Torino and Ina Rosa, to then Mayor Palugod
and family, and of course to your

I remember those elections, when Mayor Palugod will garner only a few
votes in Dupax and the mayor's opponent at
one time stating in the local dialect -
"Don't even try to convince Polon to
vote for me, we know he is solidly
Palugod". Those were the days. Now
all we can do is reminisce. Aaaah


Well, I have taken up much of your
time already. I just want you
to know that I am very very happy to
be in touch with my kababayans and
especially you guys, the families of
people who my parents have been very
close to. Stay in touch.

Peping Latar