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Nueva Vizcaya

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"Rudi Manriquez"

Organization: Jackson and Tull

I was not aware that there is a web pages of Nueva Vizcaya in general. I was very much impress when I surf thru the web about the provinces of Nueva Vizcaya. I didn't realize how much I don't know about the Province itself. I myself was born in Solano, graduated at St. Louis High School (Class of 1962). I recently made a visit to Solano back in April 1997 after a 34 years away. Being away that long, I didn't even recognize the whole town when I step off the bus with my Uncle (Francisco Paredes). I should have made more frequent visit earlier. Thanks to Uly Paredes (Cousin) for referring me to this web site. Name: RODOLFO (RUDY) PAREDES MANRIQUEZ

Age: 51

Spouse name: Alice Jenkins Manriquez

Educational Att: Graduate of U.S. Armed Forces Institute, Madison Wisconsin, USA, 1968 Mechanical Engineering Technology 1 year at Univ of St. Thomas, Manila College of Engineering. 1963

Outstanding Accomplishment: Major outstanding awards, achievement, and design contributions at Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA) in Greenbelt Md.

"The Hubble Space Telescope", "Tropical Rain Measuring Mission", "Mission STS 77 Advanced Hitchhiker Shuttle Payload",

"Xray Timing Explorer", "Cosmic Observatory Explorer", "Gamma Ray Observatory", "Extreme Ultraviolet Broadband Explorer".

E-mail address:

Home address: 355 Rupert Ct. Millersville, Md. 21108 USA

Home Tel: 410-987-2375

Very truly yours,

Rudy Manriquez

PS. To Virgil Tiongson, It your the same one that I went to school with and I recently visited last April of this year, It was a pleasure to see you and Cecilia again. Expect me to be down there again in near future (in about 2 years).