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Nueva Vizcaya

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 Gene Bigham Remembers Solano




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 Nestor, Hello I am Gene Bigham






Hello my name is Gene Bigham I once lived at bonfal street in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya, in 
the house of Colonel Browner.  Next door lived a teacher.  I was across the road from a 
school.  I understand there was a terrible volcano event.  Is the house still standing 
there on Bonfal street?  It had a slightly elevated front porch, and a little fishpond in 
the front?  I added jalosee windows while there and a room for the yaya's onto the back, 
I put plumbing in place and erected a water tower in the back yard.  There are guava trees 
in the back yard and a large termite mound there.  I put a septic tank in.  Electrified the 
whole house and even had a generator at that time as the city generators were only on a few 
hours each morning and night then. 
Please tell me that this house is still standing there on Bonfal street in Solano, Nueva 
Vizcaya.  I loved my time there, I was friends with the Tiongsuns who had an auto repair 
place as well as a lumber and hardware store.  I fixed the TV translator in the mountains 
so we could get Manila TV better at that time, I helped the local AM radio station to clear 
up their signal, I even ran a low power FM radio station with Ilocano programs from my home 
then.  I was a Ham radio operator, with a high power amateur radio station there on Bonfal 
street.  The front yard has a gate and fence, the back yard a concrete block fence.  Please 
tell me that this house is still there. 
I would love to go there again.  We used to go to a night club just south of town, it was 
named for its kilometer marker on the road, like 261 or something.I was a missionary for 
the Lutheran Church, I joined the Nueva Vizcaya Gaddang Jaycees then and helped with a two 
way radio project there.
Let me know if this is all possible?
Gene Bigham