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Jimmy L Calata-From Nueva Vizcaya

From: "Jimmy L. Calata"


Organization: Office of the Governor, Nueva Vizcaya

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Subject: Internet, Christmas Project for Nueva Vizcaya Indigents, etc. Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="------------C56346653E2" This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------C56346653E2 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Dear Mr. Enriquez,

Greetings! Mr. Larry Anderson of Florida informed me of your interest on the Internet Diffusion Project of Nueva Vizcaya. I am very glad that we have a fellow vizcayano who is already an expert cybernaut and who could be of great help to our humble project. With regards to your request for info about our province for possible posting in the Net, please be informed that I am now working on it.

Please help us in searching for other cybernauts who are willing to help us. You know, we have just “infected” an adjacent province - the province of Ifugao. This is the place where you can find the Banaue Rice Terraces, which I guess is the 7th Wonder of the World (sorry if you already know it). In response to the request of their Honorable Governor (AFP Brig. Gen. Dulinayan), I conducted at their Provincial Capitol a seminar on Internet Technology. The reaction of the members of their Provincial Board and Chiefs of Provincial Offices was encouraging. After the seminar, they requested me to assist them in preparing a budget for Ifugao Province Internet link via the Nueva Vizcaya Internet Center. Some of their key Provincial and Municipal Officials will be visiting our Center on the 27th of this month for Internet Demonstration and allied purposes. They are also sending soon two of their staff to my Office to undergo training on Internet Center Management. In Nueva Vizcaya, we find it very difficult to persuade our people, including some of our key officials, particularly on the advantages of Information Technology. And so, our Office is really thinking of ways and means to get their support. For this coming Christmas season, we have launched an Internet-assisted project for our indigent people. We shall be distributing to poor vizcayanos used clothings, food stuff, toys, etc, solicited from civic-minded cybernauts. Mr. Larry Anderson has responded with a P2,500 cash donation. Please help us find civic-minded cybernauts. We really need more assistance for this project. Rest assured that I shall closely monitor all activities of this project - including the accounting and auditing of all donations, in cash or in kind. I will also furnish you later with a duly certified report of donations and beneficiaries. All donors will be issued a Certificate of Appreciation, signed by me, the chief of the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office and the Honorable Governor. As we can see, the Information Technology of the USA cuts across varied cultures and people, territories and practically all areas of endeavor - bringing people together to common directions irrespective of their peculiarities, providing seamless possibilities especially to people who want to help other people, and shrinking the planet through its effective and efficient communication features. Just to show you how serious we are in adopting America’s IT as a strategy for empowering our people and enhancing our competitive posture in the global market place, I am pleased to attach hereunder Executive Order No. 65 which I drafted and signed by our Honorable Governor. Again, please help us campaign for our benevolent project. Till then, God bless and best regards.


Jimmy L. Calata

Chief, Computer Services Office

Office of the Governor

Provincial Internet Center Provincial Capitol, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya Philippines Tel: (073) 321-2752 / 321-2784 / 321-2551

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