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Nueva Vizcaya

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Subject: A Shy Vizcayano

Dear Nestor,

Ran across your page recently and printed it off for my wife. Tried to get her to send you an E-mail, but she is very computer shy! Anyway, if you don't mind, can you add this e-mail to your "e-mails from vizcayano's" link? I'm sure she could help some of the folks writing in, or at least would like to communicate. She recognizes some of the names from your page. My wife's name is Joy Anderson (maiden name is Calata). She was an instructor in the HE Department at St. Mary's University for 11 years, finally resigning at the Position of Asst Professor, when we were married at St. Dominic's Cathedral in Bayombong on 10 Sep 94. We were married by the Honorable Rev Father John Van Bawel, who has been the president of St. Mary's since "God knows when" if you'll pardon the pun! Our reception was at the Governor's Garden Hotel in Solano, NV, and our Honeymoon was aboard the Club Med II anchoring in Guam, Rota & Saipan. I am a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force and Joy is currently working as a cashier at the Army & Air Force Exchange Service here at Hurlburt Field in Fort Walton Beach Florida. Fortunately I landed a job where there is much Filipino support. FILAM and Illocano & Friends are prominent here, as well as Filipino video stores, many Thai grocerie stores (she has to have them wierd vegatables) and quite a good mix of Asian/American citizens. Anyway, I'd like to give you our e-mail address ( and offer ourselves in any way possible to assist in building the NV Page. Joy is in regular contact with her family in NV and her brother is a computer technician in the Provincial Governor's Office. Let us know how we can help