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Nueva Vizcaya   

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Pictorial history of Filipino immigration to Chicago.By Estrella Ravelo Alamar and Willi Red Buhay. Order your copy by e-mailing Estrella Ravelo Alamar $19.99 

. is a must reading for all Filipino-American, full of telling graphics! The book title could be Vizcayanos in Chicago as it is full of pictures of pioneers from Nueva Vizcaya… here are sample:












Emilio Menzen and Florentino Ravelo from Nueva Vizcaya                      the late Albert Viernes hailed from Nueva Vizcaya



The Samahan Display in November 1997.




 My daughter, Melissa Enriquez was one of the University of Chicago students  who prepared the cultural display. She graduated in 1999 with

President Clinton as the commencement speaker.

.University of Chicago 1999 Graduation