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Nueva Vizcaya

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Filipino American Historians

FANHS (Fil-Am History)

 I am proud to say that two of the prime movers and founders of this organization
are from Nueva Vizcaya.

Estrella Alammar and Alex Fabros

this is a letter i just recd from Estrella..

Dear Nestor: Thanks for your email.  Nice to hear from you.  Over the
years I have heard from some individuals who have accessed your information
about Nueva Vizcaya and also the paper about me.  Glad to know you will be at
the FANHS Conference in Virginia Beach.  I will be presenting a paper about
the Nueva Vizcaya Association of Chicago which will be 70 years old in
2002. Will be looking for you at the conference.
    I still have the book business, Asian American Literary and Media
Resource.  I am the co-founder of the Filipino American Historical
Society of Chicago Museum established March 1999.  I am giving much time and
energy to this right now.
Best regards,  Estrella   (

FANHS Conference in Virginia will be on June 29 to July 1, 2000
for mor info: