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In Search for...

Subject: Search for my Biological Father
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 00:12:34 -0800
From: jjjjj <>

Ako po si Juan Miranda, Ang tunay ko pong pangalan ay Arsenio Tito Jr.
Graduate po ako ng SMCGSTD Elementary sa Bayombong , sampung taon  lang
ako nu'ng natapos ko ang Elementary,simula po no'n , di na ako nakabalik
riyan, pero kahit na halos lumaki ako ng Australia, napapanaginipan ko
pa rin ang Bayombong, ang aking mga kamag-aral at kalaro at mga kapit
bahay.Siguro dahil sa nakilala ko ang aking tunay na pagkatao nung ako'y
18 na taong gulang , kaya ngayon ginagamit ko ang apelyido ng tunay kong
ama, na graduate sa SMC College ( I heard it's a University na!?) noong
1966 DAW! Would you able to help me track him down?? His name is
FLORANTE MIRANDA  "Dante"  - nickname-It's my only way of taking out or
releasing this  burden in me . Di ko alam kung ano ito.....????!!! bago
sana ako mamatay o whoever comes first between me and my biological
Father. Iam now 32 years old. But...........

Maraming salamat po! puwede nyo rin akong sulatan sa
"" sa trabaho ko po ito.


Dear Mr Enriquez,
   My name is Shelli Policarpio.  I live in Copperas Cove Texas, U.S.A..  My husband
and I came across your e-mail address in the Nueva Vizcaya site.  My husband grew up
in Bayombong.  We were wondering if you could offer us any advice on how to locate
someone in the philippines...I  have been trying to find anyone in his family... and have
had no success, with both the telephone, mail and also on the internet.  They are from a
small town called Magalang in Pampanga.  Their last name is the same as ours,
Policarpio. So far I have tried searching for driver's license records, the post office and
the phone company with no success.  If you could offer us some advice we would truly
appreciate it. Our E-mail address is Dear sir...
thank you very much for your prompt reply to our letter. My husband
Nelson and I are in hopes that your info will help in our search for his
father's family. Nelson is away right now but if you don't mind I will try
to respond to some of the questions you were wondering. He was born in 1969
in Manila,,,and started to grow up in the Pampangas (please excuse my
spelling) area until his father passed away when he was 2 or 3 years old.
After that I know he went to live with relatives in the Vizcayas....until he
immigtated here in 1988, actually to CA. I met him in San Diego in 1994,
and in 1996 we moved here to Texas where I am originally from. Nelson is a
supervisor at Alpha Plasma Center here in Killeen, Texas.
He is the only child of his father and mother. It is a dream of mine
to find his uncle, aunts or some cousins...He has no pictures of his father,
and I would really like to teach our children about their Filipino heritage.
Finding his family would be the best Christmas I could ever hope to give
Again, sir, I graciously thank you for your help. I will ask Nelson to
email you to actually give you more details about his hometown etc.

Dear Mr. Enriquez,
                 First of all I want to thank you personally for answering our letter
back,and you how much it really meant a lot to us.It is also my pleasure to hear
from my fellow Vizcayano and believe me it's something that I am going to
                The reason I am writing you this letter is to tell you more about
me.My name is Nelson Policarpio and I claim Texas as my permanent
residency for now.I am 29 years old and happily married to my  lovely wife
Shelli for three years now.We have two georgeuos kids together (Nelson Trey
who is 2yrs. old and Asia Jaylen and she is 5mos. old) and I also have a
step-daughter name Bethany and she is 8yrs. old.I am a supervisor at Alpha
Therapeutic Corp.(Alpha Plasma Ctr.Killeen,Tx.)I graduated as a L.V.N. in
California way back in '91,but unfortunately nursing didn't work for me as a
career.But I'm still optimistic that one day I could go back to school again and
pursue my dream...someday...
                 Well let me tell you about me, when I was still in the Phil.My dad is
from Magalang,Pampanga about 1 away from Angeles City or less.His
last name is Policarpio and he is related to the Simbillo's and Sigua's.My mom
is from Bagabag I think.Her maiden name is Aquino and I think her mom's last
name was Baranzuela.And she is related to the Mateo's in Bayombong (La
Torre to be exact).As a child I grew up in Pampanga,i started pre-school in
Magalang,then from first grade thru fourth grade I went to Sto. Rosario
Elem.School.Then on my fifth grade I went to Central Elem. School in
Cauayan,Isabela.Then on my 6th year in grade school I went to Saint Mary's
College Elem. Dept.and graduated there.And from then on growing up as a teen
I lived my life in Nueva Vizcaya.My first two years in high school was at Saint
Mary's College H.S. where some of my classmate's parents are really well
known ie:the Ligot's,Almuete's,Saddul/Bernabe.maybe you would recognize
these names.Then on my junior and senior year I transferred to NVGCHS due
to financial difficulties,but even when we were struggling financially my aunt
and uncle still let me continue to go to school just to finish high school.Because
back then I lost contact with my mom,she was here in America and I was there
and it was a hard life,but we survive though.Well my  mom left the Phil. way
back in '82 and I was still young then that's why I manage to go to private
school at first then time of difficulties came in that's why I graduated in public
school on my senior year,but I miss the high school years though and I do miss
it a lot...
Then 1987 came,one day I was working in Manila as a helper then my cousin
came and pick me up and told me that my mom is home and that she wanted to
see me.At first I didn't believe her because it's been years since I heard from
her and I have a lot of doubts at that time,but I played along with her until we
got to Novaliches and there she was in person after how many years.At first I
was hesitant but instinct follow through naturally and that's what happen.The
next day we started working on my papers for me going here and through the
whole time that she was there that's all we did,well not every single day,but
most of the time that she was there.Then some days  we went to meet some of
my cousins that I don't even know exist.She only stayed there for a month and
then a year later Feb.'88 or Mar I'm not sure though,I had my interview at the
american embassy and that same day I had my Visa approved.Then the month
of April ('88) came ,I arrived at San Francisco Int'l. Airport at 11:00 pm +/-
1hr.(PST) , leading a new life,a life that is different from there,and it was
really different...The exact date that I arrived here was 20April88.
              Well that's the story of my life I hope I didn't bore you.But I wonder if
you could do me a favor,if you could give me or get me a listing for Alumni for
the class of 1986 for both school that i attended (Saint Mary's and NV

Salamat po.....

Shelli Policarpio

If you looking for someone..
Please E-mail me at

Nestor Palugod Enriquez,

Dupax's favorite son who is using Headhunting skill to locate all the Nueva Vizcaya Pride.