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Nueva Vizcaya

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Spider's Nest

Nestor Palugod Enriquez grew up in the high land village of Nueva Vizcaya where he acquired various Philippine dialects. He joined the US Navy and volunteered for the submarine service. The challenge of long and isolated life onboard a nuclear submarine taught him the joy of e-mail. He started his college education in one of the universities in Manila (University of the East) before coming to the United States. He later completed his college education in one of New Jersey's State Colleges. He is residing with his family in Jersey City just across the Hudson River overlooking the mighty Big Apple.

He is currently the City Assistant Controller for Jersey City . The city has one of the largest Pilipino communities in the United States. He is very active in the Social Culture Pilipino of the USENET and the Pilipino MemRep for the Language Bulletin Board of the PRODIGY on Line Service. His hobbies are nature, history, and language trivia. His assignment as the Pilipino MemRep gives him the opportunity of promoting the Pilipino language and heritage . He will never be tired of disseminating the Filipino culture and trying to find how it fits in this universe of cyberspace. He enjoys telling and hearing stories about the Philippines, the characters and language of the people who are just now discovering how far they have come from their humble beginning. He hopes that in reading this web page you will be informed and entertained at the same time.


You will find more about Nestor on his page "My Coming to America."

His slow mail address is:

Nestor Palugod Enriquez

Asst City Controller

City of Jersey City

325 Palisades Ave

Jersey City, N J 07307