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Nueva Vizcaya

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 Population of Cagayan Valley
- - The Cagayan Valley Region's   population has ballooned from 2.53 million in 
1995 to 2.75 million in May, this year.
     Of the five provinces of the region, Isabela registered the largest popula-
tion with 1.27 million or at least 116,000 more than what was listed in 1995, 
followed by Cagayan with 951,964 population, Nueva Vizcaya with 364,840 and Quiri-
no with 147,100 people.
     Batanes which is the region's island province, has the smallest recorded popu-
lation at 15,656 or barely an increase of 1,476 people from 14,180 in 1995. The 
minimal increase in the province's propulation is attributed to its being an out-
migration province as the local residents want to work outside of the province. (PNA)
Casecan Project
The Casecanan project strides the transboundary areas of three provinces -- Nueva 
Ecija in Region III, Nueva Vizcaya in Region II and Aurora Province in Region !V.
     The project tunnel is situated 17 kilometers away from the northern end of the 
Marikina Fault and eight kilometers east of the Digdig Fault line that runs from 
Cagayan down to  Pantabangan in Nueva Ecija.
     The tunnel bored through the Caraballo Mountain is designed to divert the waters 
of the Casecnan River in Nueva Vizcaya to the 60,000-hectare Pantabangan Dam in 
Pantabanagan, Nueva Ecija both for irrigation and power generation purposes.
     "Not even an earthquake of intensity 8 magnitude could dent the dam  in nearby 
Casecnan, Nueva Vizcaya," CMIPP Asst. project manager, Engr.Adolfo Agsalda stressed.
     I wonder if Nueva Vizcaya watershed is being shortchanged by this hydro diversion. 
Nestor Palugod Enriquez
Gemma and Carlos Drama
Gemma not a crying lady

She’s no "crying lady" but a "charming" tourism secretary.

A day after she reportedly cried a river after a House committee hearing, Gemma Cruz-Araneta got a needling from President Estrada.

Mr. Estrada teasingly introduced her as "our charming tourism secretary" during an inspection trip in Zamboanga City with other Cabinet members last Thursday.

"Huwag mong pansinin iyan (Pay no attention to that)," Mr. Estrada reportedly told her privately when word got out that she cried.

"Yes, I cried over it," she told The STAR yesterday in Subic before she spoke at a journalists’ convention.

Araneta was surprised at how the news got out. "There were no more reporters around when I cried," she said.

The former Miss International titleholder wept when the House appropriations committee deferred further hearings on her department’s budget until her office furnishes the committee the financial statement of the Duty Free Philippines, an agency of the Philippine Tourism Authority.

Arenata blamed the general manager of Duty Free Philippines, Faustino Salud, for the deferment.

"Imagine, a mere attached office of the Philippine Tourism Authority, which is an agency of the Department of Tourism, causing the trouble and delaying the deliberation of a whole department’s budget," she said.

Nueva Vizcaya Rep. Carlos Padilla insisted on seeing Duty Free Philippines’ financial statement before holding further hearings.

Araneta cried after failing to convince Padilla to continue the deliberations with the documents to follow. — Marichu Villanueva, Teddy Molina