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Regional trading center for agricultural crops up soon in Nueva Vizcaya

By Purita S. Licas

BAMBANG, Nueva Vizcaya, Jan. 21 (PNA) - A 10 million peso trading center for vegetables and other agricultural crops will be established here soon.

Mayor Luisa Lloren Cuaresma said the project is a giant step toward sustainable development not only for the province but also the Cagayan Valley region.

The town is accessible to the other vegetable-producing towns of Ambaguio, Dupax del Sur and Norte, Aritao and Kasibu, all of Nueva Vizcaya.

The trading center, once completed, will encourage the agricultural producers of the region to become more productive knowing that their crops will not be put to waste,she said.

More jobs will also be created to operate the center which will feature storage facilities, stalls for direct selling and others ,"plus the fact that the town and its residents will tremendously increase income,"the mayor said.

Initially funds from the town's 20 percent of development fund and its savings from previous years will be used to start construction works this year. (PNA)

Solano Hospital

TUGUEGARAO , Cagayan, March 11 (PNA) - Local resident of the Cagayan Valley region no longer have to go to Manila or anywhere outside the region for advanced diagnosis of their health problems. It has in its midst a computer tomography, (CT) scanner for a detailed cross sections pictures of the human body. .

The facility which is a modern medical imaging system which uses x-ray and computer technology owned by the Vicente Danguilan Memorial Clinic in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya is the first kind in the region. The machine is useful in imaging the brain, chest, abdomen and spine. Dr. Justo Danguilan, president of the clinic , said the new facility will serve the imaging needs of patients in northeastern Luzon to save on time and expenses for travel. (PNA)

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