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Chicago's Nueva Vizcaya Association

I attended The Filipino American National Historical Society's 6th Biannual Conference held in New York last June . Besides my interest in our history , I really wanted to meet Lilian Clemente who I believe is our greatest export to the United States. I had some recollection of when her family came down to our town to campaign. A few years later I heard about her astronomical accomplishment in the financial world. Nueva Vizcaya comes to my mind whenever I read about her or see her on the cover of some magazine . I sat and listened to her speech. I was waiting for her to say something about the highland. When she said that she came from Nueva Vizcaya in her keynote speech I knew that I would not be disappointed.

Sometime during that night she told me of another Pinay who was also from Nueva Vizcaya. I could hardly believe it. She was from Dupax too. She was Estrella Revello Alamar from the famous Galutera family. I talked to her about our small town . Estrella had a presentation earlier but I missed it.

The excerpt is in another part of this website. I sent my mother in Virginia a copy of her speech . She remembers Estrella dad coming back to our town (bassit/uriti) to claim Ambrosia Galutera and make her the #17 of the yearly quota of 50 Filipinos allowed to immigrate that year over a century ago.

Nueva Vizcaya Chicago Newsletter

Estrella later send me a Newsletter of the oldest Nueva Vizcaya Association outside the Philippines. The Chicago Association officers for 1996 are:

Pres- Tony Abellera

Ist Vice- Ben Guerrero

2nd Vice- Josie Castro

Corres. Secy- Remedios Ong

Rec Secy - Flor Basat

Treas - Justo Alammar

Asst Treas- Nestor Evaristo

Auditor - Nancy Surla

Asst Auditor- Estela Prust

PRO- Cindy Abellera, Estrella Alamar, & Florito Padilla

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