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Nueva Vizcaya

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Reinert and Domingo from Denmark

Greeting dear Nueva Vizcayanos!

Searching about Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya and Philippines on Lycos I saw this page, and it grabbed my immediate attention. I was looking for a good site to add to our page with links about the Philippines. This is an excellent link. It will be added for sure!

Let me introduce myself: I am Martin Reinert (32) and a Faroese. I started Faroese Philippine Services to help the victims in Nueva Vizcaya after the Killerquakes in July 1990. My wife Jessica (her former name is: Baby Domingo), who has grown up in Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya was also very happy to read about some people she knows and has met and lived with! We live in Kolding, Denmark now, but have met and lived in Sweden and have also lived in my home town Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. (Learn more about the Faroes by visiting our site). We have two sons Mark (4) and Philip (2). They are very cute and charming!

Faroese Philippine Services sponsors children, provides relief and development aid. Children of poor Philippino parents get education through sponsorships, and we send aid to natural disaster victims. At present there are around 100 sponsored children in the 3 schools we have contact with in Bambang, Sto. Domingo and Aritao. Some children come from other places like Mabuslo and Sta. Fe. In the village (barrangay) Almaguer North in Bambang we helped almost 600 people to get relief immedietly after that the Super typhoon Angela (Rosing) hit their village in Dec. '95. In addition to this children are sponsored in Caterman, Ilocos Sur and Calaoagan Dackel, Gattaran in Cagayan. Visit the site of Nordic Philippine Services! It is:

The site is under constant construction, and we are working on getting pictures to illustrate our work, and we will add more information also in the following months. Visit it from time to time.

The Philippine Branch Office of Faroese Philippine Services has this address:

Faroese Philippine Services

c/o Rev. Conrado Domingo 100 P. Zamora St. Buag, Bambang Nueva Vizcaya Philippines 3702

Their e-mail address is: Our e-mail address is: Our Head office in the Faroe Islands has this address:

Greetings to my parents in law: Rev. Conrado Domingo and Mrs. Lilia Domingo. Also to my brothers in law, Leander C. Domingo Editor in Chief and Dan C. Domingo Publisher of Valley Journal and all at the campus of PCCI in Bambang and those at the Aurora Kinder School! We love you all!

Roy V. Aragon! Greetings! You have also been Editor in Chief and Consultant Editor of Valley Journal! Are you still attached to the Valley Journal?

My wife has happy memories of bording in the house of lawyer Ms. Europa, when she was in St. Mary´s College in Bayombong.

All the best and God Bless!

--from Martin Reinert

________________________________________ Do not withhold good from those who deserve it,

when it is in your power to act. - Proverbs 3:27.

Visit the site of Nordic Philippine Services:

Upplýsingar um Føroysku Filippinsku Tænastuna eru á: Information om Dansk Filippinsk Hjælpetjeneste er på: