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Nueva Vizcaya

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Hilario (Larry)Saclayan

: HKFalcon


Subject: Family from Nueva Viscaya too!

My father Hilario (Larry) Domingo Saclayan is also from Nueva Vizcaya.

I just recently visited the Rice Terraces in Banaue and it was absoultely beautiful. The people are very friendly and always smiling and singing. Actually, I really enjoyed more in Nueva Vizcaya than in Manila. Life is more simple and happier. Though there are monetary hardships in being a farmer but less stress. Let me know if there plans for creating a Web list of people from Nueva Vizcaya.

the son,

Larry Jr.

--------------------------------- Great idea.. We will start indexing the NETCITIZEN from Nueva Vizcaya. Help me do it by contributing the list that you might have already. Lets have a head count and construct a support group. We need more feedbacks from the rest. Nestor