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Roy Aragon

from: Good news: The St. Paul University Internet Center was launched just recently--on Sept. 10, 1997. It is the first high bandwidth Internet connection to be established in Region 02, having a 64 kbps leased line connection from WaveNET Philippines, a premier ISP based in Makati, Metro Manila. The SPU Internet Center is also the first Internet estableshment to offer internet services in Cagayan Valley, having a facility of some 50 workstations for use by the SPU admnistration, faculty, students, and to walk-in surfers (outsiders) for a minimal fee. Limited and dedicated dial up connections are also offered to outside clients. And I'm glad to inform that an Ilokano, a Vizcayano, and a genuine Dupax folk at that, is one of the two personnel administering the SPU Internet Center at present, acting as a systems admnistrator/webmaster. The official St. Paul University Web Site will likewise be launched soon (a local version of it already running in our Intranet). I am hearing that Mozcom plans to establish a franchise ISP in Santiago City in Isabela. A certain telecommunications firm here in Tuguegarao is also planning to become an ISP with Infocom as its provider. In Nueva Vizcaya, I was informed that the Provincial Government has already an Internet Center put up by the DOST. Hindi na kasi ako nakakauwi sa Vizcaya, matagal na. It's so good of you to give computers to the Ineangan folks. Anyway, computerized na naman sa atin. When I was still there (1994-1995), may mga computers na sa Municipal Hall, mga 486 DX4s with 8 MB RAMs and color monitors and loaded with Windows 3.1, siguro ngayon upgraded na ang mga iyon ng higher specs at multimedia peripherals at baka connected na rin sa Internet. From: "Joseph A. Bea"


Subject: from a vizcayano--a dupax boy, too!

November 29, 1996

Dear Mr. Enriquez,

Nabara a kablaaw manipud ditoy Pilipinas!

I came across your page just this time and I can't help but to email you immediately to express my gladness finding a Vizcayano guy maintaining a page exclusively dedicated para iti Nueva Vizcaya! I'm a Vizcayano, too! A Dupax' son, too! I'm from Mabasa, Dupax del Norte, Nueva Vizcaya to be exact. But I'm here at present in Cagayan working ditoy College of Information Technology iti St. Paul University ditoy Tuguegarao, Cagayan. Taga-ditoy ngamin ni baketko, a computer instructor here. I'm a computer technical staff here.

Idi laeng October a naka-connectkami (ditoy St. Paul) iti Internet courtesy of STII-DOST. And at present ay under construction ang SPU Home Page namin. And I'm also doing the home page of our department (College of Information Technology) at present.

I've been surfing and browsing the Net seeking Filipinos, Ilokanos, Vizcayanos. And I'm glad I've found you. Maragsakanak met a makaammo that soon ket addan Internet idiay Capitol (Bayombong). I'm supporting it and offer any help I could to promote it iti WWW.

I'm glad also to say nga I'm also currently constructing my own personal web page na ia-upload ko sa WWW. I applied in the GeoCities for a homestead and I was accepted. My home page will of course contain about Ilokanos, and yes, about Nueva Vizcaya and Dupax! Ngem iba kasi ang interest ko pay a maysa besides computers--I also love writing. Ket daytoy ti ikabilko iti home pageko iti GeoCities: my poems and fiction in original Iluko (the language of the Ilokanos) and also my works in Tagalog and English. I might also need your help soon tapno maipadamagmo met daytoy a proyektok iti cyberspace ken kadagiti fellow Ilokanos, Vizcayanos, Dupax folks.

Pag okey na ang home page ko, you can reach it iti url nga: You can also email me soon iti: Wen gayam, I'm using the computer of my friend and co-worker here isu a saanko nga account ti email nga inusarko ita. Pero you can reply me through it (iti wenno iti Please drop me a mail soon!



College of Information Technology St. Paul University, Tuguegarao, Cagayan Vizcaya Continued