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Aritao...Japanese War Shrine -- a tourist attraction rebuilt in Region 2

pn: Japanese War Shrine -- a tourist attraction rebuilt in Region 2 By Froctoso C. Agustin TUGUEGARAO, Cagayan, Aug. 29 (PNA) - A Japanese War Shrine or a so-called Kirang Pass is a monument in honor of the gallantry of the Japanese Soldiers during World War II was rebuilt in the region to attract local and foreign tourists. Tourism Regional Director Blessida Diwa said the shrine was built in 1978 by Rakunsankai Society of Japan which is made up of glazed stone. A memorial was engraved in the tablet in Japanese and English languages. The shrine was called Kirang Pass because it stands amidst mountains and hills right in the center of barangay Kirang, Aritao in Nueva Viscaya. The regional Director revealed that Kirang Pass was the scene of one of the bloodiest encounters between the Japanese soldiers and the Allied Forces during World War II. Diwa said the area is being visited by Japanese students and tourists not only for its historical beauty but also to remind them how Filipino ancestors were able to survive in the furious war existed between the Japanese soldiers and Allied forces. With the further development of the area as tourist destination would attract historians and students not only in the country but also from abroad to come for a study about war and for a reflection on what had happened during World War II, she said. The area is very memorable to Filipinos for they will be reminded for the bravery and persistency of their ancestors for them to survive during the war. (PNA) jv/wpt/FCA/

Napanunut Pay

Subject: pn: PB asks Decs to ban playing of spiders by kids in school pn: PB asks Decs to ban playing of spiders by kids in school Cebu City, Aug. 29 (PNA) - The Provincial Board (PB) Wednesday passed a resolution urging the Department of Education Culture and Sports (Decs) Cebu provincial superindent to ban the sale of spiders in schools. The spiders, locally known as "kaka"each cost P20 to P25. The children place bets which range from P5 to P25 on the spiders which are made to fights on sticks cut from coconut midribs. PB Majority floor leader Juan bolo said Decs should actively discourage the continued sale and playing of spiders in school as this distracts the children from their lessons and introduces them to heavy gambling. He added that the children tend to sacrifice their snack or lunch just to buy the spiders which are also poisonous and can pose bodily harm on the kids.(PNA)EB/BH -Rep. Ranjit Ramos Shahani (sixth district, Pangasinan) will formally announced here that the

Cagayan Valley road will be constructed starting this year up to the year 2001.

Shahani said the road, with a length of 39 kilometers, is the most important alignment in Cagayan Valley which include the existing San Jose-Sta. Fe road, also called the Maharlika road, and the Aparri-Laoag--Batac road. Saying that the new road will remove Cagayan Valley from its isolation and provide another road link, Shahani said the highway will connect lowland San Nicolas, Pangasinan to Sta. Fe, Nueva Vizcaya across the Caraballo mountain range. The new highway will be an alternate road from Manila to Cagayan Valley, passing through eastern Pangasinan, he said. He added that this will be a big boon to Cagayan Valley where the government is developing Port Irene in Cagayan and an airport in Santiago, Isabela and is still looking for more development thrusts in Cagayan Valley. Right now the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund of Japan is funding the conduct of detailed engineering studies for the project, Shahani said. He added that corollary to this, there were several consultations held between officials of both Nueva Vizcaya and Pangasinan regarding the proposed project. Earlier, some people of Nueva Vizcaya, especially in Sta. Fe, expressed objection to the proposed project for fear that it may trigger erosions and landslides in the mountain sides. They also fear water disturbance of rivers and streams from where some people were obtaining their drinking water as a result of the multi-billin peso project. But shahani calmed down the opposition to the project by saying that all llegitimate concerns of the people will be respected. "If the Environmental Compliance Certificate will be obtained, then the funding for the actual construction of the road from the OECF will be released," Shahani pointed out. Hailing this project, the congressman said this will be a major development for eastern Pangasinan and Cagayan Valley should it be completed soon. The proposed Cagayan Valley road used to be an old guerilla supply route in World War II, known as the Villaverde road.