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Nueva Vizcaya   

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 Enchanted Valley

(In Memory-Attorney Jose D. Calderon,82 years, a great Vizcayano, passed away Feb 27, 2001 in East Amherst, New York)

(In Memory-Dr Alfredo Aliassas, another great Vizcayano from Solano, passed away August 2001 in San Francisco, California on his last US visit. The former NV Board Member is also my friendly Uncle. He will surely be missed.

Highland- Last bastion of the fabled Headhunters of the Philippines. The base of Cagayan Valley, one of the few landlocked Provinces of the Philippines, an enchanted valley protected and surrounded by mountain range systems. Nueva Vizcaya (New Biscayne in English) was named by the Spaniard after a particular region in Spain. The northeast region of the Philippines is very similar to the New England states that were named for the old English states. The water from the rain forest irrigates the rice paddies (English word taken from the word Pagay) and flows to the Magat River. The water ignites the longest river in the Philippines, the mighty Cagayan that runs north to its final destination, Pacific Ocean.
Nueva Vizcaya is located on the foothills of the majestic Banaue Rice Terraces. The land never touches the ocean but actually deep under. The pressure of the Pacific Ocean pumps out salt through the Salinas Salt Spring, one of the wonders of nature.

Its proud people sent abroad their favorite daughters as the country's contribution to the world. No other province in the Philippines can let Maria Calderon become the world's fastest reader and Lilia Clemente to become a wizard in the financial world. Lalaine Bennet paved the way for the strings of Filipinas to capture various international pageants.

Balite Pass is the gateway from Nueva Ecija. The US Army lost General Dalton to a Japanese sniper bullet during the liberation half a century ago in the mountain peak. From this historic monument the road zigzags downward sharply to Santa Fe. This is also the last place one passes before leaving Nueva Vizcaya .Many of us bought our magic straw brooms here. They were either for cleaning our house in Manila or just souvenier for when we go abroad. The road trail from here accompanies the river flow that cuts through the heart of the high valley. The national highway splits in a place we simply call, "Junction." Here you will find a Kosher food court that serves "hot dog" every day.

The Isinai dialect is spoken by the native people from Aritao, Dupax,and Bambang. Ilocanos comprise the majority of the new population when they settled on the outlying barrios. At the turn of the century, new settlers from southern provinces as far as Batangas and Cavite like my grandparents came down. The Gaddang is the primary dialect in the northern regions. The Igorots, Ilongots, and Ifugaos are the guardians of the high rain forest. Today they live in harmony.

Folks, I have learned more about Nueva Vizcaya since I left few years ago. You probably do not know that there was a time in the Philippines History when Bayombong was almost made the temporary Capital of the Philippine Republic. During the final period of the Philippine-American War , Aquinaldo found a shelter from the superior forces of the US Army. It was Nueva Vizcaya with its natural fortress of high mountains made Bayombong a strategic capital for the Philippines.

We are chosen people of the Valley of the Kings (must be the reason for Aritao) and Vizcayano who left are just seeking easy asylum . Nueva Vizcaya and the rest of the Valley is the hidden paradise of the North. Looking down at North Luzon from the sky you will see all the Mountain Province major water springs flowing east completely ignoring Ilocos region. The Igorots knew that this is the reason why the ancient Rice Terraces are found in the East. Life flows down from here as the Sierra Madre protects us from the tropical Pacific weather systems. Years from now the most fertile land of the Philippines will remain in the valley making the farms the bread basket of the Philippines. The Caraballo Mountains in the South guarantees that only the strong can enter.




Great River

Life and Civilization are feed by river. The source of Nile River is the Victoria Lake and Cagayan river (from the Northern Dialect "Carayan" for river) started along the Magat River.

-The Gaddang rebellion was one of the earliest uprisings against the Spanish colonial power.
-The Philippines' earliest stone artifacts and fossils from prehistoric mammals that date back over 30,000 years were found in Solano.
-Bicycle champions (Tour of Luzon perennial team winners)
-One of the first female Philippine Military Cadet graduate is from Nueva Vizcaya (Ms Somera of Bagabag)
-VIZCAYA is one of the provinces of Basque, Spain where most the world explorers hailed from. Vizcaya means high ground and the early explorers rightly observed


Carlos Padilla  was selected as one of the most outstanding Member of the 1998 Congress... a true Vizcayano

Attorney JOSE D CALDERON  , two-time member of the Philippine Constitutional Convention, passed away Feb 27 in East Amherst, N. Y. at the age of 82. He was the father of Lilian Calderon Clemente, CEO of Clemente Capital and great sponsor of FANHS. His wife, Betty Fabros Calderon and sister Caridad Puzon predeceased Calderon. Internment will be on March 9 at the Manila Memorial Park in Paranaque, Metro Manila where his remain was flown. The Caldron family has been one of the Nueva Vizcaya icons. Family and friends are requesting the pious readers to pray for his eternal repose.


Mabiag ti Vizcayano

I am inviting prodigal sons and daughters of Nueva Vizcaya to form and organize this WEB page, compile a list and newsletter, and continue the VIZCAYANO spirit in the world wide cyberspace.

Please E-mail me at

Nestor Palugod Enriquez,

Dupax's favorite son who is using Headhunting skill to locate all the Nueva Vizcaya Pride.