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Vizcayanos on Line.

From: JOSELITO DURO CARIAGA [] Joselito Cariaga Birthplace: Solano, Nueva Vizcaya present address: 305 N.Frances St. #602 Madison, WI 53703 USA present activity: Grad. Student Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering University of Wisconsin-Madison (on study-leave... U.P. Diliman)

-------------------------------------- From: [] Subject: Re: Nueva Vizcaya..Come and join us Hello! My father comes from Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya. He was born and raised there until his high-school years. But he took up his college degree in UP Diliman and eventually got a job in Manila and got married. So we were raised here in Manila and doesn't know how to speak Ilokano but we understand some words. Once a year, my mom and dad go to the province to visit our relatives who are based in Aritao. We so much relatives around Nueva Vizcaya like in Bayombong, Bambang, and Bagabag. I hope I can join you guys so that I can relate some news to my relatives here. Thank you . -----------:-)Gigi

Hi , hello...My name is Bert Viloria...My father is Dr. Bonifacio A. Viloria who grew up in Almaguer, Nueva Vizcaya, and had a dental clinic in Bambang. My uncle's name is Jose Viloria Sr. who is a prominent businessman/politician in Bambang. I writing to say hello to fellow Filipinos, especially the people from Bambang. I grew up mainly in Manila, but I frequently spent my summer vacations in Bambang. We moved to the USA in 1978 and I haven't been back since. As for myself, I am a professional software engineer working here in Oxnard, California, USA and very much excited everytime I hear from fellow Filipinos on the WEB! Most of the Viloria clan are now living in California, USA. If there is anyone out there who knows our family and would like to get in touch, then please send e-mail to Thank you...By the way...the Palugod family sounds familiar to me, but I'm sure my dad will recognize your family easily.... THANKS Bert Viloria :) From: [] Subject: DUPAX TOWNMATE KUMUSTA KUYA NESTOR, HINDI MO AKO KILALA DAHIL WALA KA NA NUNG KAMIY LUMAKI.I'M FLORENTINO GALEON, KILALA KO LAHAT ANG MGA KAPATID MONG LUMAKI SA INEANGAN i.e. ELIJEO, CESAR & ESPECIALLY EDONG HE'S MY CONTEMPORARY AND YOUR COUSIN MAYOR TONY PALUGOD IS MY CLASSMATE. WE'RE ALL HERE IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA WITH SORIANO'S, SIPIN'S, LIQUIGAN,S ETC. YOUR MOM CAME HERE BUT I MISSED HER DURING HER STAY. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHERE'S EDONG RIGHT NOW PLEASE GIVE HIM MY PHONE NUMBER (310) 492-1593 I HAVEN'T SEEN HIM SINCE 1975. I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO SAY BUT I'M RUNNING OUT OF TIME (10:35 P.M SUNDAY 3/31) LATER!!---Florentino Galleon

From: (Orlando P, Quimba)

Subject: E-mail from a Vizcayano

Dear Nestor Enriquez,

I saw your WEB page and I would like to e-mail you something about myself. My name is Orlando Quimba, hometown is Murong, Bagabag, and also lived in Solano and Manila for a while. My current town is Waldorf, Maryland. I am an Electrical Engineer for more than 25 years and worked at various big defense companies in the U.S. I appreciate an acknowledgment on this e-mail and glad to hear news about our home province and Vizcayanos in the states. I haven't been to Nueva Vizcaya for more than 25 years. Thanks.

Orlando Quimba

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