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Vizcayanos on Line

Hi Mr, Enriquez (Nestor)

 I was doing some netsurfing on soc.cult.fil and saw your posting. I was happy just to see Nueva Vizcaya mentioned and thought your little spiel on NV--dear old province of mine--was quite informative (I didn't know about all these things). I am from Bambang and remaining family are in Aritao while the rest are scatterd across the globe (a sister in Manila, a sister in Barcelona, my mom and I here in the Bay Area). I always long for NV--especially for its beautiful vistas and its breath-taking mountains and terrains (which I hear, unfortunately, have been mercilessly denuded by loggers and greedy real-estate developers). I now live in Oakland and haven't been back to the Philippines and NV since 1986 and 1983 respectively. Currently, I am an assistant professor of English at the University of California at Berkeley (started here, tenure-track, last Fall 1993). I teach literary theory, cultural studies, Filipino American literature and Philippine literature in English, and Asian American/postcolonial literatures. My degrees are from the University of the Philippines Baguio (Philippine Studies) and Brown University (American Studies). Previous professional experiences include: part-time instructor and visiting lecturer in the American Studies Program at Yale University (1989), visiting lecturer of Asian Studies and English at Williams College (1991), and research fellow at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC (1991-1992). I have published a number of essays on Filipino American writing and the writer Carlos Bulosan both here in the States and the Philippines, and some more essays are forthcoming in journals and critical anthologies. I am presently at work on a book titled THE PHILIPPINE-AMERICAN WAR AND FILIPINO AMERICAN POSTCOLONIALITY. Recently, I completed a collaborative videodocumentary on the Philippine-American War with the American Social History Productions Inc (in New York City)--the title is SAVAGE ACTS: WARS, FAIRS, AND EMPIRE. I served as a consultant on the Philippine sections of the video production. I noticed that you are from Dupax. I wonder if you would know the prominent Galuteras who also have a wing of their family in Bambang. I had a dear classmate named Brigitte Galutera. I also wonder if you are related in any way to the Bambang Palugods (I remember a smart woman in my high school named Elinor). Best wishes on your project for an NV homepage.

 Oscar Campomanes

 Department of English

 322 Wheeler Hall University of California, Berkeley Tel 510-642-4029 Fax 510-642-8738 email

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I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Kasibu for three years, 1983-87. My wife is originally from Ifugao and then her family moved to Kasibu. We now live in Molina, CO. Since returning to the states I completed a masters in history and wrote my thesis on Nueva Vizcaya. If you know of any Vizcayanos in our area we would like to contact them. I am aware of an RPCV in Washington who was assigned in Aritao and has met several people from Vizcaya in that area.

 Micheal and Rita Predmore

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 I am just browsing through the web when I came upon the filipino page.I am very excited when I saw that Nueva Vizcaya have their own. I was born in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, Went to elementary in St.Mary's elementary School prior to relocating to UP diliman Q.C. I remember well the grand stand where I live in Bayombong.We live right besides the Nueva Vizcaya HIgh School if my memory serves me right. Somehow after all those years I tend to have daydreams about the old days. How happy I am growing up in the provinces. There were so many fun memories of my childhood growing up in Bayombong. I really miss it a whole lot and now I feel I have a need to get in touch to anyone born and raised there. I am glad I now have the means to do this through the web.

 Danny Uhuad


 I thought I'll try and see if I can connect with some Solano folks thru you.

 I'm Jun Domingo, from Dist. 3 , Solano and class of 72 SLS. Presently residing in San Jose, CA.
My brother Rey and sister Esther is also here in San Jose. I would like to hear from anyone from
NV. I have not been back there since 1985 and I love to hear some chismis and gossip especially
from Solano and SLS.

 Please e-mail anything and I promise speedy response. or