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Nueva Vizcaya

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 Latest e-mail

Those who want to have their E-Mail ID listed or comments posted..please send me a note


Subject: greetings from Ilocanos in Arizona

Hi from the Aganon family in Phoenix, formerly, Bambang.




Subject: just a try

Kalugaran, padasek man met ti ag email kenka bareng no maawat mo daytoy nga
mensahek. I live 30 miles north of San Francisco. I came from Aggub,
Solano, N.V. Oh my name is Wilson Gasmin. So if you get this message
please respond, this is fun, is it not? Dios ti agngina!



Subject: Re: Link your website
MIME-Version: 1.0
Dear Mr. Enriquez,
Thanks for your e-mail. Naimbag ta dimo nalipatan ti ilokano ta ngamin
bassit ti ilokano ditoy Jersey city, saan a kasla iti Honolulu nga Ilokano
amin a masigkal mo.
Adu payen dagiti politician ti agsursuro nga agbalikas iti ilokano ta talaga
a kasapulan da dayta no tiempo iti eleksiyon. We are really proud of the
Cagayan Valley Organization, as a matter of fact, our consul general at the
Philippine Consulate in Honolulu is from Lallo, Cagayan. I'm sorry I did'nt
get to know the cagayana legislator from Alaska. Anyway we are proud of
her......Thank you very much for sharing your website......
Till then, keep in touch!


Hi, Let me introduce myself, I'm

Peryong Tottoc

, son of Calixtro and Rita Tabilangan Tottoc. I'm married to Marie Eusalind Sumawang, daughter of Pedro and Leonarda Sumawang. We are from the beautiful town of Solano, Nueva Vizcaya. I got your e-mail address through Dr. and Mrs. Alfredo Aliasas. They are here right now in Northern California. They will be leaving for Seattle on Sunday.

regards to all VIZCAYANOS.


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