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Subject: pn: Bugkalots try malversation case sack own officers By Leander Domingo (The newsjournalist from Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya) DUPAX DEL SUR, Nueva Vizcaya, Feb. 24 (PNA) -- While the government is confronted with the problem on the recovery of alleged ill-gotten wealth by the Marcoses and their cronies, the Bugkalots in the Casecnan area have their own fast way of solving graft and corruption and other cases among themselves. The Bugkalot Association of Casecnan (BAC), formed to manage the tribe's ancestral land in the Casecnan area, relieved at least six of its officers and members for their failure to remit what they collected in quarry fees to the association. Virgilio Molina, acting BAC board chairman, identified those sacked as follows: Gerry, Ramon and Tony, all surnamed Pasigian, Tamitan Caanawan, Levi Gabogen and Danny Gumiad. The sacked officers and members were found to have malversed some two million pesos in quarry fees. Molina said those who have been relieved from their positions will not anymore be qualified for any elective nor appointive position in the association unless they pay back the money they have pocketed. In addition to their punishment, the relieved officers and members are ordered to become model farmers to the community and should learn how to prepare modern food, the board chairman said. He said the punishment was taken up during a dialogue among the elders of the community composing the Bugkalot Federation of Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino and Aurora provinces. The provincial government granted the tribal group the right to monitor the quarry operations of a construction firm and to collect payment of 45 pesos per cubic meter with the provincial government taking only five pesos per cubic meter and the rest goes to the association. The construction firm which was contracted to undertake the 425-million-peso Casecnan multi-purpose irrigation and power project on a build-operate-transfer scheme extracted at least 47,000 cubic meters of gravel and sand from the Casecnan river. Molina said the problem was not immediately detected until the provincial board asked the association to explain its failure to remit the five pesos per cubic meter share of the quarry fee to the provincial government. (PNA)

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Subject: pn: Nueva Vizcaya to limit the number of children per classroom

BAYOMBONG, Nueva Vizcaya, Sept.30(PNA) - The Sangguniang

Panlalawigan here led by Vice-Governor Luisa Cuaresma has sought the

assistance of the Department of Educaton, Culture and Sports (DECS), in

Region 2 to limit the number of children per classroom.

Board Member Santiago O. Dickson, chairman of the committee on

education at the provincial board, said limiting the number of children

to 40 per classroom is one way of improving the quality of education.

At present, classrooms in the province are filled with at least 50

school children at a time especially in public schools he said.

Because of the big number of children per classroom, teachers find

difficulty in supervising all of them, Dickson.

In the recent analysis of the student's educational achievements

in the recent years , it was found out that Nueva Vizcaya fared poorly

especially in the fields of Mathematics and Science.

Of the 40 students from Cagayan Valley who passed the qualifying

examination for the Philippine Science High School scholarship program,

only two from Nueva Vizcaya passed the examination.

The lowering of the number of children per classroom should be

complemented with the provision of more classrooms to accomodate the

growing number of school children, he said.

"Of course, the present number of teachers will have to be

increased to cope with the increasing number of children," he said.

The Sanggunian is also finding ways to source funds for the

construction of additional classrooms, Dickson saiid.


Region 2's project is entry to 1999 UNEP Global 500 Roll of Honour

According to a PNA NEWS

By: Vicky Baliuag

The Balete Drive for Socio-Economic and Environmental Management for

Sustainable Development Project was nominated to the 1999 United Nations

Environmental Programme (UNEP) Global 500 Roll of Honour for Environmental Achievement.

Regional Executive Director Elias Seraspi, Jr. of the Department

of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) said the project which is

located in Sta. Fe, Nueva Vizcaya was nominated because of its impact on

the beneficiaries whose concern now centers on environmental


"If chosen, the project will join the Global 500 laureates which

have become members of a growing global network of allies assisting UNEP

in its responsibilities for the care and maintenance of the planet," he


Among the developments which the project boasts of are: the

construction of one small water impounding system with a holding

capacity of 17 cu.m. and a multi-purpose shed; the establishment of a

graded trail and a barangay trading post which facilitates marketing of

farm products;

The promotion of soil and water conservation through the

establishment of tree plantations and contour hedgerows; and improvement

of water system for the community, all withial profession for the Pinoy who</P>

<P>usually reserves himself for medicine or economics. Fortunately, Paolo was</P>

<P>able to make his Broadway debut in "King and I," but would there another</P>



<P>ABC's version of Cinderella was as non-traditional as a Filipino in the</P>

<P>show business. Cinderella was played by an African-American girl and the</P>

<P>prince was played by a Filipino from Jersey City. The 12 million musical </P>

<P>show included Whitney Houston, Whoopi Goldberg, Bernadette Peters, and </P>

<P>Jason Alexander. Yes, 60 milllion viewers watched it last night and I was happily wrong.</P>

<P>The dashing prince was being played by someone who looks like me and he is from Jersey City.</P>


<P>Paolo said, according the the Jersey City Journal, "I think it's </P>

<P>fantastic. It's everyone's story, every little girl should be </P>

<P>Cinderella, every little boy can be Prince." Jersey City is indeed </P>

<P>slice of heaven.</FONT><FONT FACE="French Script MT" COLOR="#ff0000"> </P>



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