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Nueva Vizcaya

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 By Jonathan Nuestro

 BAYOMBONG, Nuvea Vizcaya, Nov 15 (PNA) - The provincial government here is now a member of the information superhighway with the inauguration of its provincial international networking center (PIC). DOST Secretary William G. Padolina inaugurated the center late last month. To pave the way for the linking of the province to the information highway, DOST Regional Director Rustico Santos first provided the province with DX4 computer unit with 16 megabite memory installed with windows 95 software. The equipment likewise has 101 enhanced keyboard, SVGA monitor and 14.4 Kbps modem. The provincial internet center is equipped with a two-horsepower airconditioning unit to start its operations.

The center is located in one of the roooms at the provincial capitol provided by Gov. Rodolfo Agbayani as part of the provincial government's counterpart. Rogelio Roasa Jr. , a senior science research specialist of the Science and Technology Information Institute (STII), demonstrated the salient features of the internet like sending and receiving information through electronic mails, how to talk through computers and how to browse and gather information from the different computer networks in just a minute. The center serves as a working station for the province and the other members of the newly organized science community. Roasa said the center is expected to become an information service provider to all schools, non-government organization and other agencies and institutions of all the municipalities of Nueva Vizcaya. The center is connected to the national server at the STII office in Bicutan, Taguig, Manila. Meanwhile, Gov. Agbayani has approved the organization of the Nueva Vizcaya Information Technology Council which will serve the information linkage requirements of the different sectors of the province in support to the operations of the PIC.(PNA) RGC/wpt/psl/jn/jeb

I like to welcome the NV Information Technology Council and the Vizcayanos who will be working in this Media Project. We are long way and we come a long way for sure but we are now in the Cyberspace. Let me know if we can help!

 Nestor Palugod Enriquez